A brief overview.

Based in Hampshire, Smart Business Photography helps a broad range of clients throughout the UK, working to a very simple premise:

Image is everything. 

Photography is a powerful tool that everyone should be using. The process doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective, you just need pictures that work for you

Everyone's needs are different.

Perhaps you head up the marketing department of a large firm and are looking for complete coverage of a forthcoming conference. Or maybe you're a small team of entrepreneurs who each need a fresh head shot before a product launch. If you run a factory business, when was the last time your production line was documented start to finish?

Each of these is very specific in its requirements, but each scenario offers great potential for spreading the word and therefore placing you in front of your customers.

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Which are you?

Sectors typically covered include:

PR / Marketing / Advertising agencies
Communication specialists
Graphic design agencies
Education departments and establishments
Governing bodies
Healthcare trusts
Construction firms and developers
Automotive industry

'Other' (because diversity is what it's all about).

What are your photography needs?

Photography requirements often cover:

Social media / individual & small team portraits 
Whole workforce portraiture
Annual reports
Premises - interiors / exteriors
Factory floor / warehouse / production areas
Corporate event, conference & hospitality coverage
Awards ceremonies
Lifestyle photography
Industrial photography

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A simplified approach.

We're all busy, so why not keep things simple? 

Everything is finalised before the shoot date, ensuring everyone knows where they stand. Gone is the intimidating, confusing talk of per-image pricing or usage rights, per-hour shoot fees and lengthy turn-around times.

Sounds like common sense, doesn't it?

This is a much more streamlined service, where your pictures are shot and delivered with the minimum of fuss and delay, according to your particular requirements. 

Put simply, Smart is here to serve you. 

SBP is a division of Giles Babbidge Photography.

Are you working directly within the outdoor industries? You might like to head over to my bespoke website serving this sector here.

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